Our music is not just the rhythmically arranged words. It is the language of mankind.

There is no mendacious mantra in our music. Our music touches your soul and heart.

We are always eclectic in every music composed by our band members. We have revolutionized the conventional English music to form something new.





We have a belief that music has the power to heal your mind. With this belief, we have formed our music band. We are inspirational, dynamic and victorious.

We feel proud when we heard the claps of huge audience during the performance. We have an aim of robbing of your mind with our music.

We have earned the reputation of iconic music band in London.

Our passion for music will never die, and we will keep on entertaining you at different music concerts in various parts of this world.












Have a look at our top music albums. Know the details of our song titles and enjoy our music.

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Power of Thai Amulets

If you have ever traveled to Thailand, chances are that you have come across middle-aged people, travelers, and locals alike, leaning over small, roadside stalls examining neatly arranged curios.

These matchbox-sized amulets, commonly referred to as Thai Amulets or Buddhist Amulets make up a billion-dollar industry in this small country. They hold immense historical, cultural, and religious significance to the people of this nation, and to understand why we have to delve deeper into the meaning it holds and how it came to represent what it does.

Thai amulets are medallions and pendants with engravings of mythical or spiritual figures, usually of Buddha depicted as sitting on a throne. There are two distinct factors that make these items so valuable. The first is its historical value. The most prized of these amulets were made by the Buddhist monk Luang Phor. He was an official adviser to the monarch of Thailand and apparently made a number of these amulets and handed them down to his followers – to remind them of his teachings and to protect them from evil spirits. Genuine amulets can cost over a million US dollars today.

The second factor is this apparent spiritual or religious value. Believers and traders claim Thai amulets, especially those made by renowned monks, have magical powers that bring fortune and ward off evil spirits. Health, wealth, social status, etc are all flouted as the potential benefits of having a genuine Thai amulet on one’s body. Specialist medallions that protect the wearer from road accidents and even bullets are sold widely in these markets.

Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho Porcupine available at https://thaiamulets888.com/lp-parn-wat-bang-nom-kho/porcupine/, for instance, is famed for its power to release its owner from debts. Available to be bought online, these amulets claim to have been blessed by Luang Phor, a monk who gifted it to his disciples, along with the power to clear them off their debts. Porcupine is a small wild animal with sharp hair as weapon, it is hard to be harm. Very good for protection and against competitor.

Today, amulets are mass-produced in factories all around Thailand. These “cheap knockoffs” are sold extensively around Buddhist temples and mainly target gullible tourists. They look no different from ‘genuine’ amulets and it would take years of expertise before one can tell them apart. Only close inspection of the materials an amulet is made of and thorough background checks of the origin of the piece can help a buyer distinguish between them.

Whatever be the reality of the magical powers of the Thai amulet, ultimately it is the buyer who sets the price of these items. While the spiritual nature of these claims makes it very difficult to be empirical about them, traders are so confident that they assure refund policies on their medallions. When it comes to artifacts of faith, the price if what one is willing to pay.

Phone Tracker for Accuracy

Phone trackers app can make your business and personal life very convenient along with your daily routine. You will never face any hassle experiences at home or office tracking each and every employees tasks and colleagues or a family member with this amazing tracking software for cell phones. The phone tracker app provides great security and even your privacy as you monitor the daily activities of cell phone.

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However, for more professional tracking, app is always better. Before using phone app, it is important to understand some basic information in order to navigate through the list of available programs. first decide what you want the phone tracker to do, second there are different types of tracking app and third every tracker has a specific apps. These apps do much more than simply telling the location of your phone; it allows you to monitor the phone and phone activities, the software can work on all kinds of mobile phones whether it’s an iPhone, smartphone, tablet or a laptop.

Irrespective of the network you are using, these app are capable to detect the whereabouts and collect details like SMS, voice conversations even if they are erased from a phone. The trackers are well used to relocate the lost or stole mobile phones within few minutes.

The popularity of such app has increased gradually. When you use such app, you do not have to use any personal details you can just input the mobile number with some basic details and avail an appropriate location of the phone.

If you want to track a cell phone, all you need to have is a computer with good internet connection. You should log into the tracking website enter the phone number and click Track button, within less than a minute you will get an accurate location of cell phone with SMS and chat information. You are not supposed to share any personal details of yours like email id. Some of the website even provide service for free but they may not be accurate. While few websites may not charge you for first track but will charge further, some websites charge you right from the first use.