Our music is not just the rhythmically arranged words. It is the language of mankind.

There is no mendacious mantra in our music. Our music touches your soul and heart.

We are always eclectic in every music composed by our band members. We have revolutionized the conventional English music to form something new.





We have a belief that music has the power to heal your mind. With this belief, we have formed our music band. We are inspirational, dynamic and victorious.

We feel proud when we heard the claps of huge audience during the performance. We have an aim of robbing of your mind with our music.

We have earned the reputation of iconic music band in London.

Our passion for music will never die, and we will keep on entertaining you at different music concerts in various parts of this world.












Have a look at our top music albums. Know the details of our song titles and enjoy our music.

  37:46 MINUTES


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of Low Intimacy Drive:

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